Haskell Coffee

Let your Haskell projects depend on any commit

Simply put in a SHA, and I will generate you a new version you can add to your cabal dependencies.

For example, if you are dependent on a fork with a certain feature, you can add it here and then depend on it. This dependency can be shared, so everyone working on the project shares the same forked version.

The version number of the generated package always starts with the version listed in the cabal file. For example, if your cabal file lists version: 1.0 then you will be able to depend on library == 1.0.12345 in your project. The additional numbers are based on the commit's SHA.


Add the following line to your ~/.cabal/config above the hackage line.

remote-repo: haskell.coffee:http://haskell.coffee/packages/archive

Add a Commit

Generate a new version from a commit in a repo on GitHub.
This takes 20-30 seconds, just wait and don't refresh! If it errors, check the repo is in fact a cabal project then let me know.

e.g. ekmett e.g. lens e.g. 4188b484d66e3ac81ed4b4d56a76bfa798f97989

Search Repos

Search for already added versions from a repo.


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